See what spots are available for June. August availability to be posted soon.

Session #TimeLevelType# spotsCost
14:30Preschool 1/2/3Group1$190.00
15:30Preschool 3/4Semi private1$240.00
16:00Preschool 4/5Group2$190.00
16:00Swimmer 5/6Group0$190.00
16:30Preschool 1/2/3Group1$190.00
Session #TimeLevelType# spotsCost
27:00Swimmer 4/5Group1$175.00
Session #TimeLevelType# spotsCost
33:30Swimmer 3/4Group1$175.00
36:30Swimmer 1/2Semi private1$220.00
Session #TimeLevelType# spotsCost
412:30Preschool 1/2/3Group2$190.00
43:00Swimmer 1Group1$190.00
44:30Swimmer 5/6Group2$190.00
46:00Swimmer 3/4Group1$190.00
updated 6/2/2023

This section is updated as sessions fill up.

How it works:  

Classes are 1/2hr in length and run at 1/2 intervals, unless otherwise noted.  

Class times are on a first come first serve basis.  If you would like a certain session at a certain time you are encouraged to get your registration form and payment in pronto as popular sessions and times fill up quickly.

Sessions are 2 weeks in length, running Monday-Friday the first week and Monday-Thursday the second week.  The second Friday is reserved for weather make up classes and is only used if previous classes in the session have been cancelled by Super Swimmer Squad due to inclement weather.

Morning class times: 9:00am-1pm

Afternoon class times: 3pm-7pm

Complete schedule, pricing and other details

Session Dates subject to change without notice.