What is a mother to do when she has 2 teenagers needing to raise funds for university, 2 school aged kids needing something to do and 2 toddlers needing to learn to swim for safety?  She’s starts a swim school!  In 2011, Cheryl Lindquist was faced with this very dilemma and decided to take the plunge and solve all three problems at one time.

The first year lessons were only open to family and close friends to see how it would go.  It went so well that word soon got out and we opened to the public the following year.

Each year from June until August we open up our backyard for some swimming fun!  Our instructors are fully certified through the Lifesaving Society and have a lot of experience teaching kids and adults alike.  Parents are welcome to relax on the deck and chat while their children learn in private, semi-private or a small group class.  We have space for siblings to play when it is not their turn in the pool.

Babies and adults are welcome too!  We have parent and tot classes and adult classes.

If you are looking for small class sizes, fresh air and salt water, look no further!  Super Swimmer Aquatics: Backyard Aquatics has got you covered.