June 15, 2020: With the announcement from the province allowing York Region to enter Phase 2 of re-opening we are happy to announce that we will be able to run some swim lessons this summer! Things will look different and we will open slowly and cautiously, making sure we are complying with the Public Health guidelines and making swim lessons as safe as possible for all involved.

In order to be within compliance with physical distancing guidelines we are, unfortunately, not yet able to host our littlest/newest swimmers. We are able to run classes for Swimmer 3-6, Rookie, Ranger and Star Patrol, fitness swimmers who can demonstrate swimmer 3+ skills and private parent and tot.

Under Phase 2 of Ontario’s re-opening plan we are able to open our swim school if we can adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Reduce resting areas and pool capacity
  2. Limit and distance pool side seating
  3. Scheduled classes only
  4. Must be in line with physical distancing measures.  For example, only other household members can assist swimmers with physical contact
  5. Students must be prescreened before the start of the session
  6. Students must report any signs/symptoms/probable or confirmed case of COVID19 as soon as possible up to 14 days after the end of their swim session
  7. Waiver must be signed (on pre-screening questionnaire)
  8. Classes must consist of household members/family pod only
  • Students will receive an email outlining our safety measures
  • We will be opening slowly to accommodate the above guidelines.
  • We will only have one instructor for June and July, 2 for August 
  • We will be booking 1 family unit per time slot, this may mean that group classes will not be available to you as they usually are
  • Initially we will only be taking swimmers in Swimmer 3-6, Rookie, Ranger and Star Patrol, fitness swimmers who can demonstrate swimmer 3+ skills and private parent and tot so that proper physical distancing can be maintained.
  • Only one person can attend with the student and must stay in the assigned waiting area.  Parents of older children are welcome and encouraged to drop them off and pick up after
  • Play equipment in the yard is strictly off limits
  • Washroom facilities are not available, arrive in your suit and leave in your suit, go to the bathroom before you arrive
  • Equipment and seating will be sanitized between uses in compliance with Public Health Guidelines
  • Goggles will not be available to borrow
  • Rescheduling is necessary to accommodate the guidelines
  • Price changes may occur 
  • Refunds will be available for anyone who is not comfortable swimming this year or who we are unable to take due to physical distancing guidelines

Please email superswimmersquad@gmail.com for more information.

Phase 2 Instructions for reopening Ontario https://www.ontario.ca/page/framework-reopening-our-province-stage-2